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Please tell us which date you are scheduled for and what date you would like to switch to.

Please remember, you can receive a credit and change your date with a 14+ day notice at no additional cost.  If you have a date change 13 to 4 days before your scheduled market, there is a $25 fee to make a change with short notice.  Schedule changes made within 3 days of a market date will not be applied and are not eligible for credits. 

14+ days before a market; $0. 

13-4 days before a market; $25 fee. 

No credit for any reason 3-0 days before a market. 

 ***If you are filling in this request due to a canceled market, there is no fee to switch dates.

Once we receive your schedule change request, we will confirm the change and let you know if there is an invoice issued.  Schedule changes are not officially accepted until the fee is paid.

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